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Christ the King (23rd November) Thu, 20 Nov 2014 10:11:43 +0000 In thinking about this week’s celebration, which we call the feast of Christ the King, a line from the 6th chapter of the Gospel of John keeps ringing in my mind. The multitude had just experienced the feast of loaves and fish in the desert. They were impressed with Jesus and his power and were wondering if he were the prophet to come. Then comes the line, “Perceiving then that they were about to come and take him by force to make him king, Jesus withdrew again to the mountain by himself.”

While the feast was established in 1925, by Pius XI, because respect for the authority of Christ and of the church was at a low ebb, it could be argued that the church’s alignment with political power and wealth down the centuries had in fact led to the demise of its significance for the majority of people.

Although there are references to Jesus as king in the Gospels, we find them towards the end, as he rides on the colt of a donkey into Jerusalem, and during his trial. Neither of these portray much of power and authority as we know it. In the Gospel of Luke we find his mission statement. He has been sent in the power of the Spirit to bring good news to the poor, release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind. While he preached and made real the reign of God, his rules were simple: Love.

What is presented in today’s reading from the Gospel of Matthew suggests the actions necessary for entering into the reign or kingdom of God. Simply put, it is meeting the needs of people, especially those who, in the political and economic structures of our societies, are deemed the least. We may know them as the homeless, the hungry, the diseased, the refugee, the trafficked, the citizen who never had the equal chance. Today’s gospel makes it clear: they are the Christ.Christ Redeemer

It is easy to pass up the Christ with a myriad of excuses, especially if we are rushing to a worship service or some important ministry, as were those who left the man on the road to Jericho. There may be a focus today on lifting Jesus up as king of kings and lord of lords. However, we might caution ourselves with the line from John. “Perceiving then that they were about to come and take him by force to make him king, Jesus withdrew again to the mountain by himself.”

Do we dare ever ask ourselves – what if we have fallen into the same trap, and Jesus has withdrawn, leaving us with the empty shells of insignificance?  This may be the moment to go to the mountain to look for him and start afresh.


Elizabeth Ferguson, OP

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Thirty-Third Sunday of the Year (16 November) Fri, 14 Nov 2014 09:04:47 +0000 Is the parable presented in the story of the Talents, as seen in the Gospel of Matthew, an invitation to live on the wild side, to be daring, to take chances? In the story, the man who was taking the trip gave enormous amounts of money to the servants to invest for him. Even the one who got the least amount still got a lot. This traveller was certainly taking a big risk. Two of the servants were also daring. They had to gamble in the market with these large amounts of money in the hopes of making profit. Had they not taken these chances, they would not have had the extremely profitable returns the money earned.

The story is part of a series of parables, sayings and images of an eschatological nature or concerning the end times. The focus has been on watching and being prepared. While the previous parable of the ten virgins might suggest hanging around and waiting, this parable suggests courageous and daring action. We can propose that what is implied here is taking what we have been given and gambling it on the reign of God. This is what is being asked of the disciple.33rd Sunday of the Year

But then this daring lifestyle is nothing less than how Jesus was compelled to live in accordance with his mission. It would appear that once he found the power of God in the depth of his own soul, he had no choice but to live on the edge. So for the sake of spreading God’s reign, he scaled the rock faces of a tradition that had surrounded and stifled the spirit of the people. To demonstrate that God is love, he rode the mighty waves of laws and legalities in which his people were drowning, and which prohibited them from access to the saving breath of God within their own souls. These barriers he conquered, leaving not just a model, but a necessary pattern of living for any who could dare to follow in his way.

The power that God has placed within our souls is even more extravagant than the talents in the parable. Have I accepted that power, and the courage inherent in it, and used it daringly for the spreading of God’s reign in my society and world? Remember, there was the third servant who got a talent but chose to bury it. This one did not dare to risk, but relied on the security of the status quo. One talent gained, one talent safely tucked away, one talent buried in the tomb of the tradition, and one talent lost in the refusal to take God’s power embedded in the soul and gamble it extravagantly for the people of God.

This parable is followed in Matthew by the image of the last judgment, which does not commend us by how well we kept the rules of our traditions and institutions, but on how daringly and unsparingly we have loved, especially our sisters and brothers found on the margins of our status quo.

Elizabeth Ferguson, OP

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Lay Dominican Newsletter Tue, 11 Nov 2014 15:11:51 +0000 Click below for November 2014 issue of Lay Dominican Newsletter.

Laity 2014-11(1)


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Della Kilroy from RTE Drivetime programme came to the launch of Alzheimer’s Cafe in Santa Sabina House Tue, 11 Nov 2014 12:24:22 +0000 On Thursday 7th November Della Kilroy from RTE radio Drivetime programme came to Santa Sabina House for the launch of the Alzheimer’s Cafe.

Click below for link to programme and move to 2.20  mins for full content of interview.Drivetime

RTE Radio 1 Drivetime

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Pat Kenny of Newstalk Radio interviews Sr. Edel Murphy and Rose Henderson Tue, 11 Nov 2014 11:22:10 +0000 On Thursday 6th November Sr. Edel Murphy and Fair City star Rose Henderson were interviewed by Pat Kenny of Newstalk Radio re launch of Alzheimer’s Cafe.

Click link below for full interview which took place at 55 minutes into recording of show.Capture

Newstalk Radio Interview



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Pictures from Alzheimer’s Cafe Fri, 07 Nov 2014 13:07:44 +0000 Below are some pictures taken last night at Alzheimer’s Cafe held in Santa Sabina House, Dominican Campus, Cabra, Dublin 7.

Fair City star Rose Henderson addressing the gathering

Fair City star Rose Henderson addressing the gathering

Sr. Marcella Crudden at Alzheimer's Cafe

Sr.    Alzheimer's Cafe

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Soul Waves Radio Interviews Sr. Edel Murphy re Alzheimer’s Cafe Thu, 06 Nov 2014 14:33:09 +0000 Miriam Gormally of Soul Wave radio spoke with Sr. Edel Murphy OP who explained why the Dominicans were launching an Alzheimer’s Cafe.

Click her for interview.




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Dedication of the Lateran Basilica Thu, 06 Nov 2014 09:49:41 +0000 A celebration to commemorate the dedication of a church building, can have little meaning unless it is commemorating the dedication of the living church, the place where God dwells. We can find many scripture passages referring to God’s dwelling being in and among the people.

Today’s Gospel reading taken from the second chapter of the Gospel of John, describes the scene where Jesus entered the temple and drove out those who used the sacred space of worship for their own commercial profit. This episode, which the synoptic writers place near the end of their narratives, is placed in this Gospel close to the beginning of Jesus’ public life. It follows close on the miracle of the wine at the wedding feast of Cana, which was designated the ‘first of Jesus’ signs and a manifestation of his glory.’Gospel Story

If what happened in Cana was a manifestation of the glory of Jesus, what happened soon after in the temple must surely have been a manifestation of his authority. Referring to himself as a temple, Jesus is well aware of God’s dwelling within him. He knows from where his drive to clean the temple and the authority to do so come. They come from no other source than the God who lives within him.

Jesus caused quite an upheaval in the temple. There, business and profit had blurred the purpose. When we visit the temple of our lives, what might we find cluttering the entrance, deflecting the purpose? In the image of Jesus cleaning the temple, there is not an invitation to leave, nor is it suggested that their type of business was not appropriate there. No, there is a forceful expulsion, a casting out and a turning over of what was there. It was the only way to clean it up.

One wonders about the sellers and the money changers. What was their next step? Did they understand the message, or wait until the storm died down and then put their stuff back together again? It is a tendency within us, to want to put things back together. But Jesus’ actions in the temple make it clear enough that the temples of our lives need such a forceful cleansing and upheaval to make the space for encountering God’s dwelling.

The whole of creation is the dwelling place of God, and we have cluttered it with so much greed and commerce, that we have marred God’s living image here. Today’s message gives us the challenge to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and do some cleaning up, so that our whole creation reflects the glory of God, and we can encounter the living presence of the Holy One in the universal temple.

Elizabeth Ferguson, OP

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Launch of the Alzheimer’s Cafe Wed, 05 Nov 2014 15:29:02 +0000 Fair City star launches new Alzheimer Café

The Alzheimer Café concept continues to grow in popularity in Ireland with the launch (November 6th 2014) of a new Alzheimer Cafe in Dublin. This brings to approximately 13, the number of café’s across Ireland. On hand to launch the new Alzheimer Café which will be based in North Dublin was Fair City star Rose Henderson who stars as “Val” in the popular soap. Rose’s father has Alzheimer’s and she has attended the first Alzheimer Café which was established in Donnybrook.

Below are pictures taken at the launch.

The Alzheimer’s Cafe will take place in Santa Sabina House, Dominican Campus on Thursday 6th November, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Fair City star Rose Henderson (left) with Sr Edel Murphy, OP, (centre) and Sinead Grennan, CEO Sonas APC.







Sr Edel Murphy, OP, (left ) Fair City star Rose Henderson (middle ) and Sinead Grennan, CEO Sonas APC.










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