Dominican Associates in South Africa

There are currently three groups who meet regularly in South Africa across the regions of the Western Cape and Port Elizabeth.. These groups are made up of a diverse group of people who together with some sisters participate in opportunities to grow in the Dominican charism of prayer study, gatherings, nourishment and support to live the Gospel.

In Cape Town the Associates meetings take place once a quarter and are usually held in the Region House in the mornings.  The meetings involve morning prayer with a follow on discussion on topical areas around faith and religion.  Such topics include Our Lady in the Koran; Catholic Social Teaching; New Theology of Mission and Ministry, Non-Violence and the on-going struggle for Justice in South Africa amongst others.

In Port Elizabeth the Associates was set up in 2011 and meetings take place every two months in St. Dominic’s Convent. Topics covered include discussion around the lives of St Dominic and St Catherine and Dominican life in general. These Associates are mostly past pupils of our schools.

In addition, a new young adults Dominican Associates group has recently been set up in the parish of St Charles and other neighbouring parishes. They meet quarterly.

For further information on becoming a Dominican Associate in South Africa or if you are interested in joining one of our next meetings please contact Sister Caroline in Cape Town email .