(by Sr. Maeve McMahon OP)


Dominic didn’t say, “You’re wrong! You’re wrong!”8_8_st-dominic1

Arguing with the innkeeper all night long.

Searching for the truth, engaged in disputation,

showing him the beauty of God’s creation.

Prolonging the discussion, keeping up the conversation,

behind dark utterances, lay illumination.


Listening respectfully to what his opponent said,

NEVER DENYING what was in his head.

SELDOM AFFIRMING his spoken thought

lest it bring emerging truth to nought.

ALWAYS DISTINGUISHING the points essential

from the many details, inconsequential.


Dominic blazed a path, cleared a forest of confusion,

defused a Cathar’s wrath whose illusion

of perfection, the preacher thought delusion.

Dominic, the enlightening truth sought to win,

Veritas at dawn, light bursting in the inn,

stretching forth into fresh skin.

                                                                            Maeve Mc Mahon O.P.