10th Sunday in Ordinary Time (5th June)

First Reading: 1 Kings 17:17-24
Second Reading Galatians 1:11-19
Gospel Luke 7:11-17

Today in the first and third readings, we meet three only sons, two widows and a fiery prophet who slew Nabi on Mount Carmel, hid in a cave fearing for his life from Jeezabel, the King Ahab’s wife and who now had turned paramedic and healer.
He healed the widow’s son, and gave him back to her. What joy and what compassion!

The second son in Naim was raised by Jesus and given back to his mother. The people were filled with awe and exclaimed ‘a great prophet has appeared among us and God has visited his people’. Are we filled with awe and wonder when we experience small miracles in our daily lives, miracles like seeing refugees plucked from the Mediterranean by crews on our Irish boats?

And the third son, Jesus who in a very short time will be rejected by the people, arrested, scourged, nailed to a cross, all his miracles forgotten. In his agony the only Son asks John the beloved disciple to look after his mother. In our daily dying are we mindful of the suffering around us or are we wallowing in our own small griefs?

Think of all the sons of mothers who have been shot dead over the past few weeks by drug lords. Think of the grieving mothers whose sons have been lured away from home and family in order to traffic drugs.I was helpless and you

What can we do? Like the widow immortalised by Jesus who had put her only mite into the collection box we can make an effort to give our mite, whether it be compassion, prayer or joining groups who are in the ‘field’ working for a better world.

Maude Fitzgerald O.P.

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