15th Sunday in Ordinary Time 12 July 2020

Matthew 13:1-23    The Parable of the Sower

“ But some seed fell on rich soil and produced fruit a hundred or sixty or thirtyfold “

 “ whoever has ears ought to hear “

God is the seed who is already with me

During these months of coronavirus19 I have heard people asking many times “ Will we be better people as a result of these months of self-isolation, solidarity, reflecting on life, remembering our values and how to have a better quality of life “   We definitely had ears to hear and because we decided  to change our lifestyle and respect the environment we produced fruits almost a hundredfold.
We changed our behaviour and became heroic human beings on the front , middle and back lines.
Avoiding the runaways and walking the byways and the highways.
 This parable of the sower is just what we need now, just another guideline more to complete the conversion and help us journey onwards…..a new vaccine.  This is a new protection which will produce new life. 
We, sowers or preachers are invited to sow or preach without calculating the reactions or fruits of others. The seed should reach everybody in abundance on the way, nobody must be left out or forgotten..Most of all we could discover the power of the seed in ourselves.  The real objective of this parable is for us to look deeply inside ourselves and discover new possibilities we never knew existed. It demands from us a vital personal commitment  and to open our eyes to the new normal post Corona virus context.   Who knows what might happen?
The seed is really the Lord present in us, it’s a personal experience of Him living  within us this God life in our intimate heart. This seed is growing and producing fruit within our rocky,weedy interior and is doing the same in millions of other human beings throughout the universe.  It must be allowed to grow and give fruit. 
It doesn’t matter if we haven’t been converted fully or even if we feel Religious life isn’t thriving fully or 
Whether we have sown for everyone or just a few. Just one intense reply from someone is enough to produce another Francis or Dominic or Catherine or Rose of Lima.  One big intense response is valid and enough.  Perhaps you are the one the Lord is waiting for? in this moment of time?
Producing fruit doesn’t mean doing wonderful works ..it just means relating more to the Lord within and without…being more human, relating more to others and to our environment. “ He that has ears to hear let him/her hear “.  The parable is easy to hear, harder to listen to and harder still to live out. Let us not impede this flow of life or  the moment we live in .
Sr. Joan  O’Shanahan OP
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