19th Sunday in Ordinary Time 9 August 2020

First Reading: First Kings 19: 9a, 11-13a; Gospel: Matthew 14: 22-33

The Lord is in the GENTLE BREEZE, symbol of the infinite intimacy between the Lord and the Prophet.

In this reading, we can identify with the prophet from an angle, zeal for the love of God in everything that affects us, as brothers and sisters, in the midst of this reality, where the covid19 pandemic debilitates us but also challenges us ; however, it does not have the last word if our love for the Lord leads us ardently to share the desperation of others, confronts us with his question: What are you doing here? And he invites us to trust those words: “Come out and stand on the mountain before the Lord. The Lord is going to pass by! ”

Brothers and sisters, from this hope in our hearts, we can feel that where there is much need, where fragility appears and hopes are broken, the Lord once again invites us to leave the cave at night, asks us to be able to stand up on the mountain before the Lord because He is going to pass by there.  Because the Lord does not remain still He will pass by while I-you-we are standing up and waiting to feel his presence from within the deepest and most sacred part of our being, with confidence, with wisdom and prudence; waiting to feel him pass by like that gentle breeze that embraces us, that sustains us …

Truly the Lord is not in the wind that beats us or lashes us, nor is he in the earthquake that makes us stagger in the middle of the night and in the darkness of this time because we cannot visualize what is happening before our eyes. We Can only see discouragement, death, disease, the struggles of many to save their life, famine, the human misery that Is revealed, the pettiness of the powerful in the face of the crisis caused by covid19. Much less is the Lord in the fire of fear that burns us, but yes, the Lord is in the caress of that breeze that calms our inner being so that we take courage and continue walking….giving signs of life in case they are missing … (Teresa Parodi)

Let us allow ourselves to feel the Lord speaking to us on the mountain of our life and with the caress of that gentle breeze.  We are men and women, prophets of this time and space that makes us who we are in this reality that embraces us TODAY, makes us live Contemplation and feel the urgency in Compassion. As brothers and sisters, like our father Saint Dominic, our elder sister St Catherine of Siena, our brothers and sisters, St Martin de Porres, St Rose, St John Macías and so many other Dominican saints may we be able to give a liberating word from the hope to which we entrust ourselves in the providence of his presence, in that gentle breeze, in concrete gestures of solidarity, charity and commitment because we are preachers of this intimacy with the Lord.

Reflecting on the Gospel, I think, that it’s good to be able to see ourselves humanly as being like the disciples, from our despair, our fear, especially with Peter to feel our fear of sinking.  But we can also appreciate that Jesus reaches out his hand, takes us, saves us and confronts us. Why do you doubt? Our inner response is here in the challenge that urges us forward to-day from each one’s own reality

Finally we can see that the crisis in itself, is nothing easy, but meanwhile Jesus, the friend, the teacher is passing by, here next to us, and he extends his hand, takes us, leads us, invites us to stay in his arms, in his heart, take his hand, walk with him and feel that he is with us, with you, with me and in everything and in everyone.

I leave you the link: https://youtu.be/JIMBt4fTj2M  the song that invites us to feel the GENTLE BREEZE.

HEART OF JESUS (Cristóbal Fones S J)

I want to speak of an infinite love, that becomes a fragile child; humiliated human love.

I want to speak of a passionate love.

With pain he carries our sins, being king, he becomes a slave; fire of powerful love, humble saviour, faithful silent one.

Love that opens its welcoming arms; I want to speak of the path to life. Patient heart, burning love;

I want to speak of the one who defeats death.

I want to speak of a generous love, that gives and keeps silent, love to all; searching for us all the time, waiting for the response, the encounter.

I want to speak of a different, mysterious, unwavering love; a love that triumphs on the cross. I want to speak of the Heart of Jesus.

Sr. Ana Del Valle Chávez OP 

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