27th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 4th October 2015

…. and the two will become one” Mark. 10:827th in ordinary time

Today our 1st Reading is from the Book of Genesis –the story of Creation. After God had created the natural world and filled it with animals and birds He created the man –Adam. God was concerned that Adam would be lonely without one of his own kind so he created the woman Eve. She was to be his helpmate and he was to take care of her. He was to join himself to his wife and become one with her.

When we come to look at the Gospel we see how the Pharisees tried to trap Jesus by asking Him; “Does our law allow a man to divorce his wife?” This question referred to a law Moses had made. Jesus makes them answer their own question and tells them “Moses wrote this law for you because you were so hard to teach!”

Once again we see the compassion of Jesus versus the legality of the Pharisees. Jesus doesn’t dwell on the negative but emphasizes the beauty of “two becoming one in all things”
In this context I am reminded of Pope Francis and how he has established a Year of Mercy to remind us all of the mercy of God. In doing so he has already spoken about forgiveness for women who have had abortions and is anxious to assure those who have remarried after divorce that they will be listened to with regard to receiving the Eucharist. There is compassion-not judgement.

How often do I act like the Pharisees? Do I insist on the legality of things when a compassionate view would be more Christ-like ? Do I always have to be right and refuse to see that there are many ways of explaining things?

Lord Jesus,
help me to see the other’s point of view.
Let me not abandon my values but look with compassion
upon whatever situation I find myself in.
And help me to remember that love excuses all things.

Sr Patricia O’Reilly O.P

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