28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (11th October)

“…..with God all things are possible” Mark 10

The connection between the first reading and the gospel passage is not always as clear as it is today. The author of the first reading is obviously a mature man who has experienced life to the full. He has searched and come to know that all possessions are as nothing compared with the gift of Wisdom.sacred space

When we come to consider the Gospel package we meet another man who is searching…..he asks Jesus how he can inherit eternal life. This man is young and only beginning his life journey. Jesus refers him to the Commandments but he says he has kept them all since his youth. Then Jesus looked at him, loved him and told him he must sell all he owned, give to the poor and then follow Him. However this young man wasn’t yet ready to give up all his possessions. Perhaps in time he will gain wisdom of heart and return to follow Jesus?
Jesus discussed this situation with His Disciples. They wanted to know what they would receive as they had given up everything to follow Him? Jesus reminded them that they would receive the hundredfold in this life and eternal life in the next.
Lord Jesus,
Help me to realise how much I have to be grateful for.
Let me not allow possessions to distract me from the important things.
Make me generous and mindful of those in need.
And may I always remember that all things are possible with You. Amen

Sr. Patricia O’Reilly OP

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