29th Sunday in Ordinary Time (18th October)

Mission Sunday

Today’s Gospel continues the theme of the teachings of Jesus to His Disciples. Last Sunday He reminded us to keep our eyes on the things that would last – true riches. He spoke of the search for Wisdom and how we needed to look at our possessions that we might control their place in our life. Today He teaches us the importance of having a “Serving Attitude”.

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The opportunity arose when James and John asked Him to have them sit on His right and His left when He reached His Throne of Glory. Here the question of leadership and power comes into play. Jesus reminds James and John – and the other disciples, that in society those who have authority lord it over those in their charge.

He teaches them that that is not the way they should see it. If one of them wishes to be great he must be the slave of all; “ For even the Son of Man did not come to be served and to give His life to redeem many”
Why then do you think that this Gospel passage is used in today’s Mass? What can we learn from it?

Charlie Bird, the journalist, was asked to head up this year’s Mission Sunday for the Church in Ireland. He chose to make a dvd of the lives of Irish Missionaries serving in foreign lands. He himself was very moved by the missionaries as he saw them give their all in the service of others.

They were indeed taking the words of Jesus in today’s gospel, to heart. We can serve others where we live and care for those who have nothing. Lord help us to always have a Sharing Attitude-may we share ourselves our time and our possessions with all whom we meet. Amen

Sr. Patricia O’Reilly OP

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