30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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30th Sunday in Ordinary Time             (25th October)

  Mark 10:46-52                                                

How often have we cried out; “Lord that I may see”. It is a call from deep within us – a call coming from the heart. We call out with a sort of desperation when we are confronted with a situation we cannot understand.

As Christians we believe that God loves us and only wants what is for our good. So when we are faced with the impossible, even though we know that God is aware of what is happening, we cry out for help. Help to understand what is going on, help to see the truth of the situation.

Bartimaeus was sitting at the side of the road when Jesus was leaving Jericho: he couldn’t see Jesus but he used his voice to get His attention. When Jesus heard “Son of David” he stopped and asked that Bartimaeus come to him. Bartimaeus, by calling Jesus “Son of David” demonstrated his faith in Him – he asked for pity and then told Jesus he wanted to see again. Jesus granted his petition because He saw his faith and knew Bartimaeus was asking for more than just the restoration of his sight. Bartimaeus wanted to see with his heart as well as his eyes!

This man knew the word see included the belief that some things are invisible to the eye……..what is important is often only seen  by the heart.  The wisdom of the “Little Prince” conjured up for us by Antoine de Saint Exupery, is well worth pondering in quiet moments to gain peace of soul.

Let us pray,

Lord help us to be like Bartimaeus – help us to see

May we strive to see that which is not visible to the eye but look deeper into the heart so that we may be of help to our brothers sisters as we walk the way together. Amen

Sr Patricia O’Reilly O.P


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