4th Sunday in Ordinary Time (31 January)

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time….no prophet is ever accepted in his own country”

When I was looking at this gospel and wondering what I could write I was surprised to see how closely this passage followed on last Sunday’s Gospel. So why have the Church Fathers made this arrangement? The very last sentence is repeated as the first sentence today.

It has been said that the message of today is that Jesus has been sent to everyone – not only the Jews. This was hard for the Jews to swallow as they considered themselves the Chosen People – the people to whom the Messiah would come. And so they turned on Jesus and whereas He was given great approval as He spoke the people soon changed their mind and chased Jesus out of their town. Indeed they would have killed Him if He hadn’t escaped.

Often the 1st Reading has a connection to the Gospel. I believe the words spoken to Jeremiah by the Lord could refer to Jesus in His situation in the synagogue. The Lord assures them of His support at all times despite the many attacks etc. they will be asked to suffer.

Look again at the 1st Reading and see the comfort it holds; ….I knew you, I have appointed you….Do not be dismayed,……I will make you into a fortified city. And last and greatest of all;”…for I am with you to deliver you”

What more can I say? Let us rest in that great love and care The Lord has for us……and be grateful. Amen.

Sr. Patricia O’Reilly OP

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