6th Sunday of Easter (1st May)

My own peace I give to you”
John 14: 23-29

Today’s Gospel passage is part of the discourse following the Last Supper. You will remember that Jesus washed His disciples’ feet and then instituted the Eucharist. Both actions spoke of His love for them and encouraged them to love one another. This is of course THE message that Jesus came on earth to bring. This is the kernel of the gospel…..without love for God and for each other all is sand.6TH SUNDAY OF LENT

When we look again at today’s passage we notice that Jesus will give peace to His followers….not just peace but His Peace- a peace the world cannot give. It is a peace that unites the disciples to Jesus and to the Father. The Holy Spirit is also present in this peace as He it is who enables the gift of peace to be bestowed on the disciples.

How does this teaching of Jesus influence our life today?

Notice the reference to the word early on. “Keep my word,” “if you keep my word,” “and the word is not mine but belongs to the Father”
What is this word?

It is the understanding that this word is the way in which we can be aligned with the Father and with Jesus. The Father created us out of Love and then sent His Son to us out of Love. Jesus taught us how to love and He is offering this gift, and the gift of His Peace to us today.

Let us pray…Lord help us to remember Your gifts to us. Remind us that these gifts are for the service of everyone, not just to be kept wrapped up and treasured by us. Where our treasure is, may our hearts be. Amen

Patricia O’Reilly OP 

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