Eighth Sunday in Ordinary time (27 Feb.2022)

First Reading: Sirach 27: 4-7

The Book of Sirach is sometimes referred to as Ecclesiasticus.  It is really a series of ethical teachings.  Jesus Himself used these admonitions when instructing his disciples.  We can find them in all of the 4 gospels. It was seminal Jewish teaching, how to become a good person.  The teaching could be loosely termed as Human Relationship skills and Social ethics/responsibilities today. To be a good person is what is asked of us, honesty, and integrity in all things.  The wholesomeness of who we are, particularly in our speech, is the test of the fruits of who we are. Two examples given us, a sieve that is shaken retains only the fruits, the rest is useless. And likewise, a potter’s kiln if not packed properly by the Potter, the heat of the fire will break up everything.

Speech identifies who we are, it is the test.  Our words echo the movements of our hearts


For a great number of people today, as of past generations, an understanding the Resurrection has raised many questions and been an obstacle for followers of Jesus Christ.  The Corinthian Community were no exception.  Paul in addressing them says, Listen,’ I will tell you a mystery! And so he does. We will not die, but we will be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye at the last, thanks be to God who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ. You, just continue steadfast in the work of the Lord in you.

Fr Henry Wansbrough , scripture scholar asks – Do we ask the correct question.?

GOSPEL: LUKE 6: 39-45

Jesus himself used the Book of Sirach in the forming of his Disciples. Several of the admonitions can be found in all four gospels – how to become a good person, a follower of His.  We are very familiar with them. Listening and speaking from and with the heart is the test of our character. Our inner most thoughts and actions are the fruits of who we are formed in Jesus Christ.  He is God’s wisdom in person.

Psalm 92:2-3, 13-16

With this beautiful hymn we give you, our God,

Thanks and Praise for all the beauty and joy of Creation, for the beauty of your faithfulness and steadfast love, and the joy ever mindful that ‘in old age they still produce fruit; They are always green and full of sap.


Dominique Horgan OP


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