Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (10 Feb.)

Isaiah: 6:1-8 Cor.: 15:1-11 LK 5:1-11

Our readings this week from Isaiah, Paul and Luke touch on the theme of unworthiness before the wonder and power of God. They show that all things are possible with God. Change is possible, the unthinkable is possible. God’s grace – gift, enables change, a turn around, a metanoia.

Isaiah had an experience of the awe and mystery of God and his own smallness, his unworthiness. He felt he was incapable of speaking about anything. And yet? When God needs a messenger to speak to the Israelites, Isaiah responds: ‘Here I am send me!’ Through the grace, gift of God, he found his voice and his task in life.

Likewise Paul, who persecuted the Christians, and saw himself unworthy to be called an apostle, finds himself turned around and spends his life speaking and preaching about the life and message of Jesus Christ. Could his fellow Jews ever have imagined that “turn around”?

In the Gospel our dear human Peter has been out fishing all night and caught nothing. Here is a hard working fisherman, depending on a catch for his livelihood, who catches nothing, and not wanting to be idle spends his time mending his nets. Jesus is sitting in a boat and tells Peter to turn around and put out his net in daylight. Peter must have thought to himself, “This Jesus knows nothing about fishing…Maybe he should stick to carpentry.”

What happens? A radical change! Peter is to gather people together and teach them about the love and graciousness of God. So too with us, as with Isaiah, Paul and Peter, we can be changed by the grace of God. Our lives can be turned around by our connection, trust, belief in a loving and generous Creator.

Sister Helen Mary Harmey,OP

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