Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary time July 3rd 2022

Recently I was very struck by an ad. on television, “Great communities don’t happen by chance but by choice.”  I think Jesus understood this, and in this Sunday’s  Gospel we see him choosing 72 disciples and sending them out two by two to preach the good news and form Christian communities wherever they found themselves. It is clear the initiative is God’s not ours. However,  the whole hearted response to the call to discipleship is ours.

Four chapters earlier in this same Gospel we find Jesus choosing the 12 apostles. Right up to the end of his life on earth he continued to choose people to carry on his work of preaching the love and goodness of God to those to whom they were sent.

A few weeks ago we celebrated the feast of the Most Holy Trinity. It was from the family of the Trinity that Jesus was chosen by the Father and sent into the world, to pitch his tent among us to make the truth and loving kindness of God known to us. (John1, 17-18)

Luke opens chapter 10 by saying “after this” So we may well ask; After what? To find the answer we must return to chapter 9, 57- 62. Jesus points out very clearly, almost bluntly,  that there is a  cost to discipleship. From Jesus’ own words it is quite clear the call to discipleship is challenging.

This part of the text for me brought back memories of being sent on mission to a foreign land.  Yes, it included much of what Jesus was inviting the 72 disciples to do; visiting homes, welcoming people to our home and also being warmly welcomed by all with whom we were called to journey, listening to the stories of people’s lives, their struggles, hopes and dreams. So together we tried to make sense of it all and find God in the ordinary and not so ordinary events of our lives, while all of the time building community. This was accompanied by a deep awareness by everyone, lay and religious, of being  called to go out  and support others in their  struggles. Was it a call to discipleship? Yes. Was it challenging? Yes, Was it a graced privilege? Yes.

“ Pope Francis, like Jesus, is calling the whole Church to go out of herself, letting go of fears and self-interest, to get in touch with the real life of people and make the Gospel present where today’s men and women suffer and rejoice, struggle and work.

No bags, no saddlebags, no spare sandals. We must go out into life in a simple and humble way, without privileges or power structures. The Gospel is spread through faith in Jesus and trust in the Father. When you enter a house, say: “Peace to this house.”.  Tell everyone that God is near and wants to see us working for a more human life. This is the great news of the kingdom of God”. (José Antonio Pagola)



Caitriona Gorman, O.P.

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