Fourth Sunday in Advent (20th December)

visitation-1434Luke 1:39-45

This is the beautiful story of Mary visiting Elizabeth in the hill country of Judea. In this story Mary and Elizabeth have an understanding and an appreciation of the sacredness of what is happening. This may be why Mary hurried to Elizabeth and Elizabeth filled with the Holy Spirit greeted Mary, exclaiming, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear!”

Expecting a new life asks for changes to be made. Routines need to be organised, relationships strengthened so as to acknowledge the giftedness of what is occurring to be nourished and sacrifices have to be made. As we reflect on Jesus’ birth let us allow ourselves time to reflect on what is happening now in our lives that we need to be open to so that the Word of God may be nourished. Perhaps then we can bring the liberating Word of God to all people.


Edel Murphy O.P

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