Good Friday (19 April, 2019)


‘The Cross, Tree of Life’, San Clemente Basilica, Rome

Hail, true cross, of beauty rarest,
King of all the forest trees;
Leaf and flower and fruit thou bearest
Medicine for a world’s disease;
Fairest wood, and iron fairest –
Yet more fair, who hung on these.

Victim of our race, he deignèd
On thy arms to lay his head;
Thou the ark, whose refuge gainèd,
Sinful ones no more may dread;
Ark, whose planks are deeply stainèd
With the blood the Lamb hath shed.

Honour, glory, might and merit
To the eternal Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Throned in heaven co-equally;
All that doth the world inherit,
Praise one God in Persons three. Amen

The Cross of Christ – Tree of Life, from Ministry Contexts of our Dominican Congregation. 



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