Pentecost Sunday

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Holy Spirit  John 20:19-23   

“Receive the Holy Spirit”

“Breath of God, Wind of the Spirit, Word of the Son, 

Blow where You will and the world will be renewed.

Word of God, be renewed by human words, human life,  

be filled with the life of God.” .                                                           (Donal Neary SJ)

The short Gospel passage of today’s Mass is absolutely full of the teaching of Jesus. We have been fed during the weeks of Eastertide with a rich diet in preparation for the feast of Pentecost. Today a climax is reached.

Although Jesus had spent much time assuring His disciples that He would always be with them, and had told them about the coming of the Spirit ,their faith was not strong enough and so ,when the Jews seemed about to “attack” them they hid.

Jesus came once again to calm them and His first words were “Peace be with you”. He showed them His hands and His side and then breathed on them the Holy Spirit and sent them out in His name to forgive sins.

When I was reading this passage and searching for inspiration about it I was struck once again by the relationship between Jesus and His followers. I realized that the followers were completely dependent on Jesus and had little self confidence. Jesus knew this but was more than willing to help them reach their full potential. He did not upbraid them for their lack of faith but rather encouraged them by showing them the wounds on His body and breathing on them the Holy Spirit. He then showed His belief in them by “sending them out”.

Lord, how often do I lack patience with myself and with others? How often do I expect everything to be done, learned or understood instantly? Help me to slow down and be more reflective….perhaps I make too many demands in a way which paralyzes others. Help me Lord to seek Your help when I am like this because I don’t really want to be. Amen

Sr Patricia O’Reilly O.P   

(Poster by Sr Dorothy Callanan O.P)

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