Second Sunday in Lent (13 March 22)

Luke 9:  28-36

Today’s Gospel account of the transfiguration of Jesus is in marked contrast to last Sunday’s Gospel reading about Jesus’ temptation in the desert.  In between both of those readings Luke describes the early activities of Jesus’ ministry.   Among other things, we see Jesus highlighting the primacy of love, affirming the companionship of women disciples, missioning the Twelve apostles to proclaim the reign of God.  In the parable of the Sower we note Jesus’ understanding of the fickleness of human nature as evidenced through Herod’s beheading of John the Baptist.

Following on these events there is a change of tone in Luke’s description of the Transfiguration.  Like music rising to a crescendo, Jesus’ glory is revealed to Peter, James and John, while, in hearing a Voice from a cloud, Jesus is affirmed in his role and mission and the disciples are asked to ‘Listen to him’.

That is where this gospel is very relevant to each one of us.  We have experienced ups and downs in the course of our lives.  We may have experienced the Divine Presence in a particular moment – perhaps a moment or event when we were ‘transfigured’ either with joy or with sorrow.   Neighbours or friends may have been the ‘Moses’ or ‘Elijah’ who stood with us at those times.  Possibly they helped us to ‘Listen to him’ at times when we were ‘heavy with sleep’ and unaware of the God within us.

As Jesus had to descend from the mountain and face a difficult journey to Jerusalem, we too have to face the very difficult challenges of our world today.  Jesus’ transfiguration can give us encouragement so that, affirmed in the reality of Jesus’ presence with us, we can face each day with greater confidence.


Sr. Ronnie McCabe OP

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