Second Sunday in Lent (21st February)

marley park 19 dec 2010 322Today’s story is of friends going out together for a walk. Peter, John and James decide to have a little snooze and suddenly they are awoken to a strange scene, Jesus is there with two strange men. Through some grace Peter recognises that this is a special moment and suddenly the three find themselves inside a cloud and a deep voice speaks to them. The three disciples must have been very scared. All of a sudden it was over and they were being warned not to tell anyone what had happened. This may be a familiar story to us but it raises plenty of questions.

• How often do I fail to pay full attention to what is going on around me?
• When do I fail to recognise something wonderful in my life?
• What are the times in my life that I try to control and organise things according to how I want them to be.
• Where is Jesus trying to teach me something that I find it hard to accept?
• Can I be part of the silence that happens when the fear takes over after the heavenly visitors depart?
• Do I always want to do something just like Peter wanted to build the tent?

My prayer from today’s Gospel could be, Lord help me to stay awake with you as I walk through this Lenten time, so that I may recognise you in all the comings and goings of my life. Help me to listen to your Word as you speak to me in all the moments of my day. May I know that you are always there with me, leading me through the ups and downs of my life with your strong light and love.

                                                                                                                                                                        Sr Miriam Weir O.P.

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