Second Week of Lent (1st March)

LENTEN REFLECTION     (Sr Columbia Fernandez O.P)

Each day we are faced with many tests – class tests, driving tests, eye tests, medical tests, etc.  With all these tests, there is always a period of waiting, waiting for results.  The outcome could either be uplifting or devastating.

Abraham was put to the test by God.  It was not any kind of test, but a test to see how deep his faith was in God.  God was asking something of Abraham that left him cold, that is, to sacrifice his own son, Isaac.  Just imagine what Abraham must have gone through in trying to obey God.  It was a trial period, just to see whether he really loved God with all his heart, at his son’s expense.2nd week of lent

We are also sometimes put to the test.  What seems to be an unfair situation or an impossible task can suddenly become a heroic experience when we put God first in our lives and allow God to do the impossible in us.

God is never far away from us when we are in a right relationship with God, because God’s promise to us is that “He will not refuse us anything He can give”.  God gave us Jesus Christ, His Son, freely, so that He could plead for us at God’s right hand.  No matter what situation we find ourselves in, God is always for us, and never against us, because we put our trust and faith in God.

When we are asked to do the impossible, or even to do something which seems scary, (in the case of Abraham having to sacrifice his son, Isaac), our faith takes a bit of a knock.  We are not sure how to react.  However, when we climb God’s mountain, i.e. exercise our faith, our lives become transfigured and we begin to see with new vision.  What initially seemed impossible and scary now seems brighter and clearer and we are able to tackle the situation with a fresh vigour of courage, hope and strength.

There is always a beautiful view from God’s mountain.  Like Peter, James and John, when seeing Christ transfigured on the mountain, they built three tents and said “Lord, it is good for us to be here…”  We are challenged too, to build our tent and allow God to come in and transfigure us, to recreate us and take us out of our shadows of darkness, into His dazzlingly bright light.  Are you up for the challenge to look into His face and behold the glory of God?

Sr Columbia Fernandez O.P

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