Seventh Sunday Easter (29th May 2022)

Acts of the Apostles.7.55 /60. Revelations 2. 12/14, 16/17,20. John 17.20/26

As we exit the Liturgical Season of Easter, the Readings today invite us  to Forgive, to Hope, to Pray.

The Acts of the Apostles presents us with what could be a modern day story, the Persecutor and the Persecuted. Stephen is banished from the city and stoned and yet he cries out, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them”

I Forgive.

Revelations draws us into the Promise of Jesus.  “Very soon I shall be with you … Jesus repeats his Promise, ” I shall indeed be with you …”

With this promise, Jesus invites all of us to “wash our robes clean, so that we can enjoy the fruits of “the tree of life and enter the gates of the city.”

I Hope.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus gathers all of us into His prayer.

I pray …

I pray that we may all be one.

I pray for all those to whom I have been sent by my Father.

I pray for those whom I love.

I pray for those who love me.

I pray …

The Easter Season concludes, inviting us to Forgive, to Hope, to Pray.



Christina Greene, OP


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