The Feast of Christ the King (22nd November)

John 18: 33b-37

This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King.  Here Jesus is brought before Pilate for questioning. He throws back the question Pilate put to him of whether he is a king and Jesus tells Pilate that he came to bear witness to the truth and this is what he has done. Those who are on the side of truth will listen to the voice of Jesus. This is the role of any leader, be they king, parent, pope, bishop, teacher, principal, president, prime minister, a congregation leader, a captain, school prefect, the list can go on. It is a challenge that wherever, whenever and in whatever role that requires of us to speak as a leader in a moment we are asked to reveal the truth to those to whom we serve. A truth that will free people, take away fear and rash judgements, truth that promotes liberty, peace, social justice and moral values.

At one time I taught senior infants, 6 year olds, in one of our Dominican Primary Schools. As part of the imagesuniform the children would have the Dominican Crest, Veritas (Truth) on their jumpers. This particular day one of my delightful students hadn’t his crest on his new jumper. I asked him something and I knew I wasn’t getting the truth to my question. He then started crying saying that he didn’t have the badge on him that helped him tell the truth and that is why he told me a lie! Telling the truth is not always easy at the time and we all need strength from God to do so.

We are to be witnesses to the Kingdom of God by being faithful to all that is true. As we contemplate the power of God in our lives may we be guided by the truth as God reveals it to us and to clear the paths for dialogue among all peoples.

Sr. Edel Murphy O.P.

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