The Most Holy Trinity

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First Reading, Rm 5:1-5

Gospel, John 16: 12-15

The Christian conviction about God is that God is triune- God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

“Whatever the Father, the Son or the Holy Spirit are, they are in relation to one or both of the others. Threeness in God, therefore, is not rooted in threeness of substance or threeness of accidents but in threeness of relations: of begetting, of being begotten, and of proceeding”. (Catholicism, Richard McBrien, p.295).

And so on this feast I think of being in relation, the Oneness of God, God acting in three Persons. Throughout the second testament Jesus constantly directs us to God, the Father, the one who is to be worshipped and in today’s gospel Jesus speaks of the Spirit of Truth who will guide us in our living.

Clothe us, O God, in the Eternal Truth.

“O Eternal Trinity, O fire and abyss of charity, your loving gaze rests upon us”.

Sr Edel Murphy O.P

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