Third Sunday in Advent (12 Dec. 21)

The Limes

Dear friends of the earth,

I have decided to put pen to paper today on my 80th birthday. I am sitting by a lake surrounded with beautiful spring flowers, the birds are singing, the sky is blue, dropping its colour gently onto beautiful Loch Maben. The air I breathe is pure and all is well in the world. Memories of my childhood dance before me. I can still feel my mother’s excitement as she told me about the now famous COP26. She showed me a sentence explaining the hope it offered

“Uniting the world to tackle climate change.”

However, my bubble nearly burst when I heard people saying

Not firm enough!
Pipe dream!
Not in my Lifetime!
Pie in the Sky!

But as you now know well, it DID happen. I would like to say thank you for all that you did to make it possible.

With love and gratitude


Today’s Gospel speaks of the expected coming of Jesus. This coming is being proclaimed by John the Baptist as he preaches by the waters of the River Jordan. After having heard what John had to say, his hearers ask with urgency in their voices “What must we do then?” It is a question we might well ask ourselves as we prepare for the coming of Jesus this Christmas.

What must we do or as we look back in 2093 (wherever we are) what did we do? Is Saoirse thanking US?

Kathleen Fitzsimons OP


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