Third Sunday of Lent

John:4: 5-42

Out of a certain recognition of real thirst, Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan at the well invites us to enter into a deep, sincere dialogue with others as equals. The text invites us to look at each other through the lens of our own lives and to allow ourselves to engage with the Word of the one who asks us for water, “Give me a drink.”

We are invited to listen to ourselves as we dialogue with Jesus who confronts us and challenges the reality of our own thirst and our capacity to recognise the One who asks us for a drink.

We are invited to recognise the gift of God here and now sitting by the well, where Christ himself becomes the well of living water for us, calming all human and spiritual thirst out of his infinite love for all human beings with their own light and shadow.

“If you knew the Gift of God and who it is asks you for a drink, you yourself would ask him to give you a drink …”

It makes me think of the many moments of life when we experience this thirst physically and biologically as a consequence of the ordinary demands of everyday life, and the deeper thirst of soul and heart; for love, for social justice, for the capacity to listen deeply, the thirst for faith, for hope, for true credibility and true surrender coming from inner joy and freedom:

‘The water that I will give will be in you a source of water that will spring to eternal life.’

The thirst, like that of the Samaritan woman, is a thirst for truth, and the ability to be confronted with that truth, by the well, where whoever is there does not judge me, simply listens to me; the water that he offers me is water of life for life, because it is water of love and mercy.Today, sisters / brothers, from this gospel of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well, we can reflect on this question: What is the truth that inhabits me/us? By what paths am I, are we, going to look for the Well of living water? 

It is from this Truth we are invited to return, to be and to become disciples, missionaries, and preachers of Truth in our history and culture, embracing the diversity in which we have been formed in the hands of the Creator …

 I would like to close this reflection with a translated quotation from the song “Ojos de CieloEyes of Heaven, by Víctor Heredia: If I look at the bottom of your tender eyes, the world is erased with all its hell. The world is erased, and I discover the
sky when I dive into your tender eyes.

If the sun that shines on me goes out one day and a dark night wins my life

Your eyes of heaven would shine on me, your sincere eyes would be my path and guide.

Hna. Nancy Gabriela Robledo OP

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