Third Sunday of Lent (28 February)

The first reading today from Exodus tells the story of terrible things happening to good people – a story we are only too familiar with in today’s world with its myriad of tragedies.  The Gospel is a challenge to us to change our ways, to give others a chance, to refrain from being so critical, so that we may not perish either.

Could this Gospel be read as a challenge not to be so judgmental either of ourselves or others.  The Gardener was willing to leave the fig tree one more year.  He had faith that it just might bear fruit, he believed in it.

Does this Gospel challenge us to believe that something good will happen when that does not seem possible?

Maybe the challenge for us this week of Lent is to reach out to others who seem to have lost the hope that their lives can bear fruit, to hold out the hand of friendship, the smile of companionship so that someone else may know that something good can happen in their lives.  Could we take on a work of charity to befriend someone this week who needs our friendship?FriendshipHands

Lord, may I trust that you will give me the chance when I fail, that you will reach out to me and support me during the times I do not feel so strong.  May I be ready to teach out the hand of friendship to those in need this Lent.  This I ask through your grace at work in my life.

Sr Miriam Weir O.P

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