Third Sunday of Lent (8th March)

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Lenten Reflection (Sr Columbia Fernandez O.P.)

The Wisdom of God is beyond our human thinking.  It is a wisdom that can be compared with strength and power, justice and peace.

The Readings today talks about God laying down the law.  There was a need for God to give His law to the people of Israel because they were being unfaithful to God, living immoral lives and having no regard for their neighbour, let alone themselves.  They were living lives in pursuit of selfishness.  They were ignorant of their sins and the makers of their own destruction.  God had to intervene and show them who was ultimately in control.

When God gave the Ten Commandments to God’s people, God spoke words of wisdom.  God made them see things in a new light.  This new light is the Wisdom of God, namely Christ.  Christ makes us see that loving God with all our hearts, means loving our neighbour as well as ourselves.  He wants us to have zeal for His Father’s house.  He wants us to get rid of our foolish ways and to put an end to worshipping false gods, lust, enslaving ourselves with the ways of the world and through selfishness and greed.  God wants us to believe in God’s Son and in God’s name and to trust God in all areas of our lives.

The Wisdom of God tells us that just as the disciples believed in God’s Word, so too, we are called to believe in God’s Word, Jesus Christ.

We are the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  God wants to come and live within us.  However, we need to do much soul searching and clean up the mess of our lives.  “Stop making my Father’s house into a market”.  We need to take those words seriously in our lives, by eradicating our sinfulness.

Zeal for the Father’s house means believing in the Resurrection of God’s Son, Jesus, and allowing Him to transform us from the inside out.  He is the Wisdom of God who brings us healing, who restores our brokenness and who forgives us our sins.  God is a mighty God who wants to make the wrongs in our lives right with Himself, thus restoring us once more to His love and friendship.

Jesus said, “Destroy this Sanctuary, and in three days, I will raise it up”.  The Sanctuary is His body who has been raised 3rd sundayfrom the dead.  We need to experience the Resurrection in our lives in a powerful way this Easter.  It is only when we seek to destroy the reign of sin in our bodies, will we truly experience the power of the Resurrection.

May the Sanctuary of Christ’s body lift us from our ‘death’ so that we can fully experience anew what it means to be a ‘Covenant People’.

Sr Columbia Fernandez O.P

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