Thirty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (21 Nov. 2021)

What Christianity really proclaims is the love of God as lived out by Jesus of Nazareth. The victory of this love is manifest by Jesus` death and resurrection. The reason Jesus came into this world is to testify to this truth, `for this I was born`. Pilate’s question `what is truth?’ is echoed all over the world today as we deal with fake news. In Pilate’s case Truth was staring him in the face, `I am the Way the Truth and the Life`.

The mockery of Pilate and of the soldiers who hail Jesus as King as he is crowned with thorns cannot diminish or strip Jesus of His dignity. Jesus is king but not in Pilate`s understanding of that word. He is a king who came in to world to bear witness to the truth of God`s love for us. All who are on the side of truth listen to his voice. Jesus shows us what true love looks like: washing the feet of his disciples whom he called friends not servants; sharing a meal with the one who had betrayed him; helping all those who came to him; listening to and befriending women; forgiving even his killers, treating all with dignity and respect.

Today do we strip people of their identity by referring to them as `migrants` `the poor` traveller` etc, forgetting that these are our sisters and brothers left behind, forgotten and deliberately excluded from our society in unchristian attitudes. Let us take the opportunities offered us today to live and act as followers of Jesus Christ who came that we, people and planet ‘may have life and have it to the full’.

Bridget O’Driscoll, OP



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