Twenty-Eight Sunday in Ordinary Time (10 Oct. 2021)

In today’s gospel a man comes to Jesus asking for guidance in how he could “inherit eternal life”. Isn’t that the journey and hope of all of us? Jesus gives the man the advice he gives to all of us – “you know the commandments” and he reiterates for a him the road to Life Everlasting. This client of Jesus answers that he has “kept all these things since his youth”. However, Jesus recognizing the man’s sincerity to be one of His followers, looks at him with love, telling him that he needs to “Sell what he owns and give the money to the poor, – only then will you have treasures in heaven.”

Living as followers of Jesus, sharing our gifts and talents with each other and those we encounter on the road to Eternal Life is difficult. Jesus acknowledges it is not easy to enter the Kingdom of God. On our own it is impossible but “for God all things are possible.”

Peter, on behalf of the disciples, wonders what more they must do, and Jesus responds, “those who left all for my sake and the sake of the good news will receive a hundredfold, with persecutions, in this age and in the age to come Eternal Life.” Carrying our cross in life is necessary on our journey to our heavenly reward D.V. Can we receive and give each other the blessings given to us each day? Can we accept the challenge of sharing our treasures with those in need rather than storing them for ourselves?

The readings this week challenge us to trust totally in God’s loving mercy and care, for God Himself knows the plan He has for each one of us. This giving and receiving of God’s abundance, freely given to all of us, will increase our store and help us be enriched with the wisdom and knowledge of those who journey with us. My prayer for us all is –
Lord grant that we may live this life in your service, depart this life in your grace. Amen.

Therese Lenehan, O.P.

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