Twenty-Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time (14Sept.’19)

Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Luke 15: 1-32

It is the gospel passage of this week that I want to reflect on briefly. In this reading Jesus addresses the ‘tax collectors and sinners’ using parables to help them hear what he wanted to say to them. This he does to teach a truth and in this case it concerns God’s unconditional love for all. Jesus speaks to this curious group about a man who had lost one out of a hundred sheep and on finding it carefully and with great joy carried that sheep on his shoulders to join the rest. Jesus continues with the parable of the woman who, having lost a coin, searched everywhere until she found it and on finding it called in her friends and neighbours to celebrate with her. The third story was to do with the son who squandered his share of his father’s wealth and yet on returning home his father welcomed him with open arms and a feast. Jesus spoke these parables in order that we might come to understand the truth and relate it to God’s love for each one of us and to rejoice in the knowledge that no one is excluded from that love.

                                             Sr. Edel Murphy OP 

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