Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary time 28 Aug. 2022

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today’s Gospel focuses on table fellowship which is very important for Luke.  Guests at today’s banquet are vying with each other for the best seats.  We note that Jesus welcomes everyone and no one is ‘different’.  Those in most need are given a special welcome and there is always a place at the table for each and every person regardless of their race, religion, cultural background, disability, sexual orientation, life experience, age, etc.  Arising out of this Gospel we may be challenged to be open to those we meet and to try to break down some of the societal barriers that are rife in our world today.

Today’s Gospel helps us to see how we should serve without counting the cost or looking for rewards.  We may also be challenged to recognise how at times our motives may not be the best for doing certain things – do we look for the best seat or are we content to know that working for the kingdom is what is asked of us.  We can be sure that how we deal with the small things in life will be how we deal with the larger things also.

Jesus gets upset by self-centredness and seeking the ‘place of honour’ for oneself.  In this mindset there is no place for those who are weak or unable to put themselves first.  Can we learn from Jesus how to celebrate inclusiveness and unity in all that we do?

Pointers for reflection:

  • Reflect on how you as a person react and behave to the small everyday challenges in your life. This can help you discover what is really in your heart.
  • Sometimes, unwittingly, we can take steps in order to be honoured in some way. What is my sense of how I am in my relationships with others?  Maybe in your prayer you can ask God to help in this area and to try to put others before yourself even once this week.
  • We have all known the joy of having someone appreciate us and honour us in some way. How can I extend this feeling of joy and gratitude to someone else this week?

Miriam Weir, OP

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