Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (5 September 2021)

This Gospel raises many questions for us today.  Other people bring the man to Jesus.  Who were the people who invited me to Jesus ? Who are these and who have been Jesus to me since that?    Who have I introduced to Jesus?                                

 Looking back as Dominicans who are the people we touched?

This is an ordinary story of sickness.   How do I cope with sickness, illness and old age in myself and others?    Do I have any outreach to the sick?   Use this as an opportunity to pray for the sick people I know and have asked for my prayers. Pray also for the stranger and those who have no one to pray for them.  

The touch of Jesus is the touch of Love for the vulnerable man.   What are the areas in my life where I am vulnerable and weak and need Jesus healing touch?    With Isaiah we rejoice that “the eyes of the blind shall be opened ,the ears of the deaf unsealed and the dumb….sing for joy.      

Sr Mary Moriarty OP

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