He is Risen… He is not here! 

Today our Saviour has shattered the bars  and burst the gates of death


“Arise, let us go hence…the bridal chamber is in order, the food is provided; the everlasting houses and rooms ready;…the Kingdom of Heaven has been prepared before all ages”

(an Ancient Holy for Holy Saturday)

Behold the Wood of the Cross on which Hung the Saviour of the World.

The Cross of Christ has Become our Tree of Life.



Maundy Thursday, All the World is Still”, Malcolm Guite, 2020


Maundy Thursday, all the world is still

The planes wait, grounded by departure gates

The street is empty and the shopping mall

Deserted. Padlocked, the playground waits

Against the day that children play again

Till then our sad refrain is just refrain.

Maundy Thursday, all the world is still

And Jesus is at supper with his friends

No longer in the upper room, that hall

In Zion where the story starts and ends,

For he descended from it long ago

To find his new friends in the here and now.

Maundy Thursday, all the world is still

And Jesus is at supper with his friends

Our doors are locked for fear, but he has skill

In breaking barriers. With ease he bends

Our prison bars, slips past the sentry post

And joins us as the guest who is our host.

Maundy Thursday All the world is still

But in cramped quarters on the fifteenth floor,

In lonely towers made of glass and steel,

And in the fierce favelas of the poor,

Touching with wounded hands the wounds he tends

Christ Jesus is at supper with his friends.


Our Sister Columbia, Priory community Port Elizabeth, SA shares her reflections on the importance of being present to life’s challenges, in order to be transformed.  This recording is part of the Nunday reflections that promote the lives and ministries of Religious sisters today. Click link to watch and listen to Sr Columbia https://youtu.be/PVawYrGfjFg




Le Chéile Day is held annually, normally representatives from each of the 74 schools and the 15 Congregations which are part of the Le Chéile  Catholic Schools Trust join together to celebrate what it means to be a member of a Catholic School in Ireland today.

This year due to Covid19 restrictions, the Le Chéile  Family joined virtually at 10am when all schools were invited to ‘drop everything and pray’, using this  pre recorded reflection and the. Le Chéile  hymn sung virtually by students representatives from the 75 schools.   

This year’s theme for Le Chéile  Day was “unlocking”.  Throughout the service a student spoke about a key which symbolised each of the Congregations. The key of the former convent and now the front door of  St Dominic’s College Ballyfermot, was chosen by the Mission Area Council of Ireland to be the key that represented our Congregation as a member of the Le Chéile  Catholic Schools Trust. 

We invite you to take 20 minutes out to participate in the “Drop everything and pray’ reflection.  https://vimeo.com/529214325








Greetings for the  Feast of St. Patrick tomorrow, 17th March 2021 

To mark this extraordinary, strange in painful year that has etched many losses on our hearts, we draw new hope from the vision and teaching of Christ handed on by St Patrick to our ancestors . May the seed of faith and of peace continue to grow in us wherever we are in the world.

Please find below the link to the Dublin Council of Churches’ offering for St. Patrick’s Day 2021. The video is on the Dublin Council of Churches YouTube Channel @  https://youtu.be/Y9Y5HwDBAUA

We pray that those who see it may be touched by the healing grace of God.

Wishing you and your loved ones a joyful day filled with the promise of healing and hope for better times!

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig!

We pray in particular for our Dominican Sisters and Brothers who minister in Iraq during Pope Francis ‘s visit May it be a visit full of grace and the spreading of the Christian message of hope and love for all. Our Iraqi sisters hope pope’s visit shows the world their country’s suffering.

Among those awaiting Pope Francis’ March 5-8 visit to Iraq are the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena, a community in the Nineveh plain that is still rebuilding after ISIS invaded the area some six years ago. (Cf NCR online) 

Read more: https://www.ncronline.org/news/parish/iraqi-sister-hopes-popes-visit-shows-world-her-countrys-suffering



Click to access WDP-Press-Release-2021.pdf


Please keep Zimbabwe in your prayers

“In the spirit of the 2021 WDP theme “Building on a Strong Foundation,” WDPIC are glad to share an additional resource for the annual observance. WDPIC recorded a video of the worship service led by WDP Vanuatu and the WDPIC Executive Committee with greetings from several committees”.

Please use this link:  virtual services  for details about some of the services that will be livestreamed or available on YouTube or telephone – we will be updating this list until 4 March.

DAY OF PRAYER 2021: Our Q & A document has been updated, please use the following link to view:  Arrangements for Day of Prayer

The Day of Prayer this year will be different from any we have ever known. All over the world, people will be worshipping on the day as usual but in unusual ways.

The Day of Prayer is not only a global event: it is also an important date in every local ecumenical calendar – at least it should be. So the National Committee asks all branches to mark the day locally in whatever ways they can.

Many of you have expressed disappointment that the National Committee has chosen not to produce one service that everyone can join in with. There are a number of good reasons why we have not done this, not least the fact that we have 2,500 branches – only Germany has more.

We have been delighted at the enthusiasm shown by a number of branches to present this year’s service in imaginative ways and thank those who have offered to share these with others.

We have put together a number of tools to help you:-
• For answers to commonly asked questions – follow link above
• For a basic PowerPoint that you can customise for your own use – contact the office
• For a link to a download of the hymns for the service – contact the office
• For Helpful Hints about your service, including advice about Zoom – see letter sent by post to every branch secretary

You can donate by text:

Text 2021WDP 5 to 70085 to donate £5

Any amount can be donated up to £40 just add the sum after 2021WDP and your text will cost the amount plus one standard rate message.

We are grateful to the Canadian WDP Committee for allowing us to share the link to the following video:-