Sr. Karola Dravecká, OP, Prioress of the Dominican Congregation of Blessed Imelda in Slovakia, sent us this video highlighting the work their Sisters are doing with Ukrainian refugees. The donations that the Sisters have received from Dominican Sisters throughout the world have helped to make this relief effort possible.
The subtitles are in English only. However, the pictures speak so much more eloquently than words ever could. Please feel free to share this as you wish.
This is the link:
We continue to hold our Sisters in prayer, with deep gratitude for the comfort they are extending to the refugees. And we continue to pray for the people of Ukraine, and for those who deliberately inflict such suffering on innocent men, women and children.

It has been many months since our last newsletter due to some website gremlins. Apologies! Happy to share with you all the next few months at Anam Ashram. Come join us for some yogic nourishment.

Summer Retreats by the Sea and Yoga at Anam Ashram


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Hope House Spring Journal 2022

We offer congratulations to Sr. Edel Murphy, OP, principal, and all the staff of Our Lady of Hope School on its official opening. Although the school has been in operation since September 2021, the official opening and blessing took place on February 16, 2022.

Cards of welcome were offered by some of the students. Speakers at the event included Norma Foley, TD, Josepha Madigan, TD, and Archbishop Dermot Farrell, who also led the prayers and the blessing of the school.

Our Lady of Hope School, situated in Crumlin, is under the patronage of the Archdiocese of Dublin and caters for children with autism and complex needs from ages 4 to 18. The beautiful artwork of the children decorates the corridors.

We wish Edel and all her staff and students every blessing.

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Anam Ashram Newsletter January 2022

In December 2021, Dominicans will stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Venezuela. To learn about what is happening with the Dominicans in Venezuela, check out these webinars from the Dominican North American Justice Promoters.

Graduation ceremony in Moreno National University last Thursday 28th October 2021 when five students of our Dominican project called JAC (Young people opening up ways) graduated with a licentiate in Social Work. Our sisters have accompanied them for several years with orientation, a place to study, a small grant for bus fares and photocopies, and more valuable than all that, friendship.

Sisters Noemi and Patricia attended and rejoiced with them.

They tell me that when you go through the arch the mist is gone …

But …

I’m afraid to go and see for myself

I don’t know if that’s so

I haven’t gone there

But …

maybe the mist will lift here soon,

maybe the mist will reach there soon,

maybe I don’t mind mist so much,

and …

photo: Sr Marie Redmond OP

I know this side so well.

I don’t know what’s at the other side.

I don’t know who’s at the other side

and …

maybe I like where I am now,

maybe I am happy on this side of the arch

there’s nothing wrong with this side.

They tell me that there’s no mist there.

But I can’t see around the turn in the road.

I don’t need to go there


I could


why would I

It might be lovely there.

But it’s safe here,

and familiar.

But …

to move is to change, and

movement is good, change is good, but

to change brings fear

To take the turn is frightening

But take the turn anyway.

I can’t see it



They tell me that when you go through the arch the mist is gone …


Based on ideas and conversations inspired by Ted Dunn, Graced Crossroads, Pathways to Deep Change and Transformation. This work on the topic of transformation and change in religious communities speaks of the need to “make the turn” or to take the “bend in the road” in order to survive.


From Blog of Sr. Eileen O’Connell

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For missionaries, men and women of faith who have left their homeland to witness to the Gospel in all areas of the world. 

That their example of love and mercy will guide the Universal Church in examples of missionary discipleship.

We pray to the Lord.

Lord, hear our prayer.

The Sisters in our community in Galway celebrating the close of the celebration of the month of Creation in September 2021. Their Sharing on the Creation Table began with contributions from everyone in the Community

The Dawn Chorus brought joy to our hearts as we listened to thrushes, wrens, blackbirds, robins, chaffinches, doves, pheasants and a host of others. We imitated them with by singing ‘O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder’.

Scripture Readings from Genesis Wisdom and Colossians were interspersed with personal sharings around the significance of what each brought to the table. Our presence to one another meant that some gifts struck us afresh and thus the sharing was rich.

The lovely Canticle of Creation by Angela Creagh was spoken aloud.

Lastly ‘Care for Our Common Home’ a booklet brought out by ‘The Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary’ was introduced. Each sister committed to reading this booklet it is hoped to move towards using more ‘Green’ cleaning products as a result.

The Galway Community.