For missionaries, men and women of faith who have left their homeland to witness to the Gospel in all areas of the world. 

That their example of love and mercy will guide the Universal Church in examples of missionary discipleship.

We pray to the Lord.

Lord, hear our prayer.

The Sisters in our community in Galway celebrating the close of the celebration of the month of Creation in September 2021. Their Sharing on the Creation Table began with contributions from everyone in the Community

The Dawn Chorus brought joy to our hearts as we listened to thrushes, wrens, blackbirds, robins, chaffinches, doves, pheasants and a host of others. We imitated them with by singing ‘O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder’.

Scripture Readings from Genesis Wisdom and Colossians were interspersed with personal sharings around the significance of what each brought to the table. Our presence to one another meant that some gifts struck us afresh and thus the sharing was rich.

The lovely Canticle of Creation by Angela Creagh was spoken aloud.

Lastly ‘Care for Our Common Home’ a booklet brought out by ‘The Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary’ was introduced. Each sister committed to reading this booklet it is hoped to move towards using more ‘Green’ cleaning products as a result.

The Galway Community.







Dominic didn’t say, “You’re wrong! You’re wrong!”

Arguing with the innkeeper all night long.

He searched for the truth, engaged in disputation,

showed him the beauty of God’s creation.

He prolonged the discussion, kept up the conversation,

Behind dark utterances lay illumination.


He listened respectfully to what his opponent said,

NEVER DENYING what was in the man’s head.

SELDOM AFFIRMING his spoken thought,

lest it bring emerging truth to nought.

ALWAYS DISTINGUISHING the points essential

from the details inconsequential.


Dominic blazed a path, cleared a forest of confusion.

Defused a Cathar’s wrath whose illusion

of perfection, to the preacher was delusion.

Dominic, the enlightening truth sought to win.

Veritas at dawn, light bursting in,

Stretching forth into fresh skin.

We are delighted to share Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare a new hymn by Sr. Columbia OP (Port Elizabeth SA) to commemorate our Holy Father St. Dominic during this Jubilee Year. 

Music & Lyrica available here LAUDARE, BENEDICERE, PRAEDICARE

Requiem Mass for Sr. Patricia Mc Grath O.P. Iona House, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast. 30th June 2021

On Monday 21st June, Belfast Cathedral will host a ‘Courage to Lament’ event, including a midday service, in partnership with the Corrymeela Community and Father Martin Magill of St John’s Parish, Falls Road. 21st June is marked as an annual Day of Reflection acknowledging ongoing consequences of the Northern Ireland conflict.

Taking place on the Day of Reflection the event will provide an opportunity to acknowledge and lament the ongoing hurt and division caused by the conflict in Northern Ireland.

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As a Congregation we commit ourselves to the UNICEF campaign Get a Vaccine Give a Vaccine and encourage our sisters, families and friends to buy a vaccine for  someone in need by supporting UNICEF in the biggest vaccine procurement and distribution in history.

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