To be a Dominican is to be a preacher.  As preachers, we share the Good News that has been entrusted to us.  Every day, we preach the word of God in hundreds of different ways through our work in the communities and with one another.

We also share the Word of God on our website through the Sacred Space. This is a collection of reflections, written by a Dominican Sister.  These works proclaim the Word of God and impart a message of hope and peace to those who need to take out of their busy daily lives to reflect and consider.

Feast of the Blessed Trinity 4th June 2023

Many of us retain in our mind phrases relating to God. When things have gone well for us, we have said, “Thanks be to God”. We experience a pleasant unexpected happening and we may say. Glory be to God”. When someone dies people often say, “God rest her/his soul”. On becoming aware of impending danger, we may hear, “God between us and all harm”. I recall a greeting expressed by a man entering our home many years ago – “God save all here”. This greeting was said in a very loud voice that reverberated throughout the house. The response to this greeting was said spontaneously by those present – “God save you kindly”. When a person was going away, people said, “God be with you”. In today’s feast of the Blessed Trinity, we are made aware of the special manner in which God is with us. The saving power of Father, Son and Spirit is within us. In the 2nd reading of today’s celebration, we learn of St. Paul’s deepest desire for the Corinthians. He wishes them to be happy, to be united, to live in peace, and that the God of love and peace will be with them. In the final blessing he wishes them to love the fulness of the Godhead. He desires that they have the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Without using the word ‘Trinity’, Paul desires them to have this community of love within them. In the Gospel for the feast of the Trinity, the story of Nicodemus, the man of the night, reaches a conclusion. It is brought to a close in the light of faith and love. The ever-flowing love within the Trinity enables us to be renewed again and again. God loved the world so much that he gave his Son to save us. It is implied here that Jesus was to be crucified. Our focus is on Jesus himself – belief in him engenders life in us. The great liturgical feasts celebrate the significant events in the life of Jesus and his people. The celebration of the Trinity draws our attention to the depth and the richness of God’s presence within us. Through the indwelling of the Trinity, God is with us in a most profound and dynamic way. This community of creative energy and love, if allowed, will penetrate our being and will impact on our attitude and activities; it will foster our respect for others and the creation of community wherever we are. It is likely that this understanding of community will enhance our sense of being in communion with the whole of creation. “I bind unto myself today The strong name of the Trinity; By invocation of the same. The Three in One, and One in Three, Of whom all nature hath creation, Eternal Father, Spirit, Word: Praise to the Lord of my salvation, Salvation is of Christ the Lord.” Kathleen Egan OP

Reflexion Del Domingo 28 De Mayo- Dia De Pentecostes

Evangelio De Juan, 20,19-23 La escena del Evangelio del día de hoy- día tan especial que es Pentecostés, donde Jesús se presenta a sus amigo/as y les regala el don de la paz, diciéndoles “la paz este con ustedes”, hoy también a nosotros/as nos anima a sentir ese regalo de dios en nuestras vidas personales, a sentirlo desde adentro al don de la paz… que no es un regalo cualquiera sino el más grande y significativo para la humanidad, para cada ser, si yo tengo paz conmigo misma la tengo también contigo… Las palabras de Jesús nos anima a salir de nuestros propios círculos, donde nos resguardamos por diferentes motivos, ya sean personales o sociales, frente a la vida que nos desafía desde un mundo de muerte, de guerra, de hambre… las palabras de Jesús son clara nos envía ir con confianza, entregar la buena noticia, buenas nuevas a nuestra gente, buenas nuevas de esperanza, de gestos humanos y de una mirada profunda que entregue paz a los demás, que sean verídico de corazón… La paz de Jesús en este pentecostés nos envía, hoy, como discípulas y discípulos a no callar, a salir y levantar la bandera de la paz, porque el mundo lo necesita, mi vecino/a lo necesita, la familias lo necesitan, mis colegas del trabajo lo necesitan y yo misma lo necesito. Pentecostés celebramos juntos/as lo más grande que es el Amor del Padre y del Hijo que es el Espíritu Santo en nuestras comunidades, nuestra iglesia, celebramos el soplo que nos envía a proclamar una palabra de amor, de paz y de perdón. Dejo aquí una linda canción de Eduardo meana (salesiano) regalo para la reflexión del día y que nos anime a segur predicando pedacitos del amor que nos abraza desde siempre, y entregar siempre la paz a los demás…. Ana Chávez OP Si Tu No Vienes (Eduardo Meana) Si tú no vienes, nos faltarán las alas para la plegaria desgastaremos el silencio y las palabras si en lo escondido tu voz no clama.Si tú no vienes, será imposible el abrazo del reencuentro con el hermano que la ofensa puso lejos si tú no enciendes de nuevo el fuego. Pero si vienes a recrearnos y como un soplo das vida al barro, como un artista irás plasmando un rostro nuevo de hijos y hermanos. Por eso ven… Espíritu santo, ven… Espíritu santo, ven. Si tú no vienes, olvidaremos la esperanza que llevamos, sucumbiremos al desánimo y al llanto, si tú no vienes a consolamos. Si tú no vienes, evitaremos el camino aconsejado por el señor de las espinas y el calvario si tú no vienes a recordarlo. Pero, si vienes a sostenernos y nos conduces como un maestro, en nuestra carne se irá escribiendo cada palabra del evangelio. Por eso, ven… Espíritu santo, ven… Espíritu santo, ven. Si tú no vienes, nuestra mirada será ciega ante tus rastros. La poca fe dominará lo cotidiano. Si no nos donas el ser más sabios, si tú no vienes, y nos sacudes con tu viento nuestra casa, y con un sello de profetas nos consagras, tendremos miedo, si no nos cambias. Pero si vienes, y en el silencio del alma escribes renglones nuevos, entre nosotros se irá tejiendo la historia cierto del nuevo reino. Por eso, ven… Espíritu santo, ven… Espíritu santo, ven. Song link on Youtube.  Reflection For Sunday, 28 May – Day of Pentecost The Gospel of John, 20:19-23 The scene of today’s Gospel – such a special day as Pentecost – is where Jesus presents himself to his friends and gives them the gift of peace, telling them “Peace be with you”. Today also encourages us to feel this gift of God in our personal lives, to feel it from within, the gift of peace… which is not just any gift but the greatest and most significant for humanity, for every being. If I have peace with myself, I have it also with you… The words of Jesus encourage us to go out of our own circles, where we shelter ourselves for different reasons, whether personal or social, in front of the life that challenges us from a world of death, war, hunger… The words of Jesus are clear. He sends us to go with confidence, to deliver the good news, good news to our people, good news of hope, of human gestures and of a deep look that gives peace to others, that are true of heart… The peace of Jesus in this Pentecost scene sends us, today, as disciples, not to be silent, to go out and raise the banner of peace, because the world needs it, my neighbor needs it, families need it, my colleagues at work need it and I myself need it. At Pentecost we celebrate together the greatest thing that is – the Love of the Father and the Son – that is the Holy Spirit in our communities, our church. We celebrate the breath that sends us to proclaim a word of love, peace and forgiveness. I leave here a beautiful song of Eduardo Meana (Salesian) as a gift for the reflection of the day and that encourages us to continue preaching bits of love that embraces us always, and always delivers peace to others …. Ana Chávez OP If You Don’t Come (Eduardo Meana) If you do not come, we will lack the wings for prayer. We will wear out silence and words if your voice does not cry out in the hidden. If you do not come, it will be impossible to embrace the reunion with the brother/sister whom the offense has put far away if you do not rekindle the fire. But if you come to recreate us and like a breath you give life to the clay, like an artist you will be shaping a new face of sons/daughters and brothers/sisters. Therefore come… Holy spirit, come… Holy spirit, come. If you do not come, we will forget the hope we carry, we will succumb to […]

Feast of the Ascension

Acts 1:1-11; Ephesians 1:17-23; Matthew 28:16-20 The Last Farewell! Not really! He is going but remaining! The mission is thrust upon the disciples. They are to wait. Then he is lifted up into a cloud. What a conundrum for the poor disciples whose limited vision and understanding is for a restoration of a political kingdom. The cloud was often used as a sign in the Old Testament and in the New Testament when God had some deep message to reveal to those who followed, and in this case the followers of Jesus. They had been prepared for this. As he was lifted up the Holy Spirit came upon them and they began to pray and caress the message. They became witnesses to who Jesus was. This mission you and I carry within us, and He said he would be with us always. Paul, in his letter to the Ephesians, reiterates what the call is for the Ephesians. We are redeemed and sealed and belong to Christ and to his mission. In the Gospel we hear Jesus invite his disciples to meet him in Galilee. Except for a few “doubters”, they meet and they pray together. Jesus is very direct in his summary of what he wants of them in His mission. First of all, He declares his authority. The disciples are to make more disciple, Baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, an Teach them (the new disciples) all that he has taught them. This completes their identification with Christ, – redeemed and sealed, they belong to his mission. We are all together on a journey. It is a teaching mission journey. Jesus is present in his words, and by his presence among all creation he empowers the people of God – “I will be with you always”. Dominique Horgan, OP